Established in October 2015 as a group company of INOUE SPECIAL STEEL CO.,LTD., which is engaged in the sales business of metal processing products in Japan under the corporate slogan" Supporting the manufacturing industry with information and expertise"We are engaged in sales of raw material and processed products, mainly forged products of special steels,in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

About ISPA established in Thailand by the merger of 3 companies (Background and purpose)

INOUE SPECIAL STEEL CO.,LTD., which operates in Japan,was considering business development in Southeast Asia. We were looking for a company that manufactures forged products locally as a partner because we thought it would be desirable to expand in to forged products that we handle as our main products in Japan. ASIA FORGE AND AUTOPART (AFA),a hot press forging company seeking to expand its business to Japanese companies,participated as a joint venture. In addition,SIAM LOTUS, a Thai subsidiary of Nippon Steel Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. was joint by ISPA as a metal products trading company with 51% Thai and 49% Japan capital.
Our mission is to sell metal processing products,mainly AFA products, in Thailand and surrounding areas, contributing to the development of manufacturing industry in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The Inoue group aims to contribute to the development of the Southeast Asian region with the "Providing permanent value in the manufacturing field", as the corporate philosophy.

Benefits from ISS Group experience and achievements

INOUE SPECIAL STEEL CO.,LTD. Celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020.
Started with the distribution of special steel and have grown into one of Japan's leading trading companies specializing in metal processing products, mainly for forged products, and now handles machined and finished products. ISPA can provide a wide range of value to customers based on its experience and achievements. As forging technology,its a leading manufacturer of the Inoue Special Steel Group, and has been fully backed by Yamazaki Machinery Co.,Ltd which has grown to be a leading company in the Japanese forging industry.By applying Yamazaki Machinery's high technology into AFA,we will respond to a wide range of needs and challenge products with high difficulty.

The strength in handling all kinds of metal processing, mainly forged products

We use forged products manufactured by our partner AFA as our main product, In order to meet the needs of Thailand and Southeast Asia, we respond to all kinds of metal product needs, from raw materials such as castings and forged steel products to cutting products based on our experience and knowledge in Japan. Inoue Special Steel is supported by more than 2,000 partners in Japan, and we can procure products from Japan that cannot be supplied in Southeast Asia. Based on our experience and knowledge, we are working diligently to develop suppliers in Thailand and Southeast Asia, and we are increasing the number of items that can be sold. The goal is to build a procurement capacity in Southeast Asia that is comparable to that in Japan.


CEO: Mr.Toshiro Minakami
Business description: ・Manufacture of hot forged products
・Sale of special steel materials and machined products
・Support for design department,Material procurement,
Manufacturing control and Quality control.
Type of products: ・Forged products, cast products, etc.
・Machining products, Surface treatment parts and Special steel materials
Address: Thai Summit Tower 4th Floor,406
1768 New Petchburi Road, Bangkapi,Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310
Telephone: 02-252-1871-2
Fax: 02-252-1873
For Japanese(Mr.Yagi):
For Thai(Mr.Panit):
Year of Establishment: 2015Y
Capital: 30,000,000 THB
Joint venture company: INOUE SPECIAL STEEL CO.,LTD
Employees: 6 persons
BOI: International Trade Center