01Procurement support for materials

There are many cases where it is difficult to build a supply chain, such as the procurement of materials and lack of machining manufacturers.
We will solve various procurement problems by utilizing the number of wide-ranging cooperating companies as specialty steel trading companies that handle everything from materials to processed products cultivated in Japan, and the procurement ability of purchasing materials directly from steel manufacturers. As a customer procurement agent.

02Design support

We have a manufacturing division of forging and machining within the Group, and we can respond to various requirements by utilizing our knowledge of the wide range of manufacturing technologies cultivated in Japan.
We will propose manufacturing methods and materials that meet the level required for quality (Q), cost (C), and delivery time (D), such as forging to improve quality from cast products.

03Process management support

There are many processes such as material arrangement, heat treatment, machining, and surface treatment before one part is completed.
Various management items such as scheduling of each process, delivery management, and the cause identification in the event of a defect to the recurrence prevention measures are generated for each process.
We do also provide complicated process management operations with one-stop services based on the management know-how cultivated in Japan.
In addition, we do meet the expectation of our value business partners with strict and high quality control which satisfied our customers globally and we will continue to support our customer's manufacturing process by establishing an individual management system for individual products.



  • Forging

    • Hot forge:
    • -Press
    • -Hammer
    • -Upset
    • -Rolling
    • -Free
    • Cold forge:
    • -Press
    • -Header
  • Casting

    • -Cast Iron
    • -Cast Steel
    • -Lost-wax casting
    • -Sintering
    • -MIM
    • -Injection
    • -Molding
  • Machining

    • -Turning process
    • -Milling process
    • -Machining
    • -5 face machining
    • -Rolling process
    • -Gun drilling
    • -Wire electrical discharge machining
    • -Polishing process
    • -Gear cutting
    • -Key slotter broach processing
  • Heat treatment

    • -Quenching and tempering
    • -Normalizing
    • -Annealing
    • -Stress relieving
    • -Nitriding
    • -High-frequency
    • -Solution treatment
    • -Carburizing
    • -Vacuum hardening
  • Plating

    • -Chrome plating
    • -Electroless nickel plating
    • -Hot-dip galvanizing
    • -Hard chrome plating
    • -BlackeningPainting
    • -Thermal spraying
    • -Anodized aluminum
    • -Acid pickling
  • Fusing

    • -Gas cutting,
    • -Laser cutting
  • Material

    • -Round bar
    • -Squared timber
    • -Forging
    • -Casting
    • -Fusing
    • -Canned product
    • -Metal sheet


Complex shape

Large size


Convex shape


Irregular shape


Our products are used in various industries.

  • Medical equipments
  • Heavy machinery
  • Ship
  • Vehicle
  • Car
  • Elevator